Online Education in Mental Health, Substance Use and Suicide Prevention

Behavioral Health Reimagined

coming april 1, 2019


online education in mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention

Psych Hub is the center of education and training for mental health, substance use and suicide prevention. Our platform centers on evidence-based training videos covering a wide range of needs. bringing together clinicians and developers to create highly engaged videos that are trauma informed and clinically sound.

Psych Hub will deliver content in three areas:

  • An online library of specialty courses for licensed behavioral healthcare providers. Participating clinicians learn new tools to enhance their therapeutic techniques, using evidence based approaches to most effectively treat common patient symptoms. Trained providers earn certifications in their desired specialty areas, then are entered into the Psych Hub registry to be matched with consumers.

  • Over 100 free micro videos for consumers, family members, prescribers and hospitals. These videos are designed to live all over the internet and will be disseminated through a free Psych Hub partnership program.

  • “Off-the-shelf” videos that can be branded for your corporate or organizational needs.


Founded by two dynamic thought-leaders in mental health, substance use, and
educational technology

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Patrick j. kennedy


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