PsycHub™ envisions a healthcare ecosystem educated in evidence-based mental health and substance use treatments with a central, national registry intelligently linking consumers with providers.

PsycHub™ micro-videos have been designed using cutting edge technology in learner retention, coupled with a clinical lens ensuring all courses are evidence based and trauma informed.

PsycHub™ training videos will revolutionize the way consumer/members/patients, physicians, medical staff, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will learn about mental health issues, substance use, and suicide prevention.

All videos can be licensed for a nominal fee. Videos can be placed on your site and/or we can develop a custom platform for you.

Let PsycHub™ help you train your members, providers, pharmacists, employees, etc. on the latest issues around mental health, substance use and suicide.

the problems are profound

the solutions start with education

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education saves money, lives and quality of life!

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